B2B Inside Sales Teams
A guide for determining the right solution for your business (build in-house or outsource)

What does it take for an inside sales team to thrive today?

That’s exactly what TelAffects uncovers in this in-depth, exclusive guide tailor-made for B2B inside sales teams. 

You’ll learn:

  • Whether it makes more sense to outsource sales operations and services or keep them in-house.

  • The 8 fundamental building blocks to a high-powered inside sales team. (Hint: #4 is Workspace Optimization.)

  • How to weigh the pros and cons of various CRM, analytics, and sales technology.

  • Common questions to consider before making critical sales decisions.

  • The TelAffects difference.

Plus, you’ll receive helpful worksheets, scoring rubrics, and readiness assessments you can fill out at your convenience.

If your B2B team is ready to discover the TelAffects Sales Method, download our guide now.